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Security services in Townsville


We work around the clock to provide you with a comprehensive range of security services including static guards, mobile patrols, and installing alarm and CCTV security systems
Ensure your Townsville Home or Business is Safe and Secure

Alarm Installation & Maintenance

From alarmed perimeter surveillance to basic home security you can monitor via your smartphone, you can be sure we have a solution for your property. Our qualified technicians can supply hardware, as well as install and repair alarm and CCTV systems. We have the technical knowledge to integrate CCTV systems with your office network allowing full control and surveillance recording from your work station.

Alarm Monitoring

Advanced alarm monitoring technology combined with a rapid response service ensures you don't have to worry about your home or business. The minute we detect any irregularities, our alarms will trigger and a mobile patrol team will be dispatched to investigate your premises.
System With Remote Controller — Alarm in Aitkenvale, QLD


Do you require CCTV Surveillance but are unsure as how to proceed? We take the hassles out of designing and installing CCTV systems for our customers. We thoroughly understand the process involved from the beginning to end, creating the correct components to ensure the system operates to your requirements.
Bank — Banking Service in Aitkenvale, QLD

Collection & Banking Services

Any day or days you avoid putting your staff at risk must be good for your business. Let us take care of your banking. Our trained guards use sealed satchels and always provide a full report from the time to collection to acceptance by your nominated bank of financial institution.
Bank — Banking Service in Aitkenvale, QLD

Gate Keeping Services

Prevent unwanted visitors to your property or building by employing our specialised security guards for gated security. All guards will log all vehicles and visitors to sites, and provide site inductions to ensure all visitors fulfil workplace health and safety obligations. All Ardent Security Guards are also trained in emergency procedures.
Security Guard Standing At The Entrance — Gate Keeping in Aitkenvale, QLD

GPS Monitoring Assets

Keep track of your assets in real-time with status information updates and a complete backlog of previous tracking sessions. GPS monitoring is the ideal solution when you want to easily track employees, VIPs and objects such as company cars, trucks, and buses.
Navigator Map — GPS Monitoring in Aitkenvale, QLD

Lock & Unlock Services

Save the hassle of relying on senior staff members to lock and unlock your commercial, industrial or educational facility, by engaging our lock-up and unlock services. Our trusted security guards will set the alarm and secure your premises each day, and unlock the building before the first employees arrive at a designated time, in the morning.
Fingerprint Scan Door System — Security Patrol in Aitkenvale, QLD

Mobile Patrol Inspection Services

Random and scheduled inspections of your commercial or residential premises can be conducted by our uniformed mobile patrol team. The presence of our highly visible vehicles are likely to deter potential threats. We will ensure your premises are completely secured afterhours. In the event of discovering unlocked doors or gates, we will inspect your property and notify you of any disturbances or damage.
Male Security Guard Patrolling — Security Patrol in Aitkenvale, QLD

Static Guards

Deter potential threats with the presence of a static guard. Ardent Security guards are equipped to handle any situation with back-up available from our mobile patrols in the event of an emergency. Our guard services include:
  • Access control
  • Gate keeping
  • Identification security
  • Protecting buildings, equipment & assets
  • Guarding cash & valuables
  • Site workplace health & safety inductions